Pupillary Distance (PD)

How to Measure your Pupillary Distance (PD)

The pupillary distance is the distance between the centres of the pupils of the two eyes. This should be the same as the distance between the centres of the lenses of your spectacles otherwise the settings of the lenses will be incorrect possibly causing eyestrain and headaches. The higher the prescription the more critical this measurement is. It is usually not regarded as part of your spectacle prescription. Some opticians will provide this measurement if you ask them, and some won’t. You will just have to ask. Below are ways we can obtain your PD:


  • Ask your optician for your PD measurement. It is usually written as one measurement such as 60 (60mm) but can also be shown as R 29 L 31. When written like this it is the individual distance from you right and left pupils to the centre of your nose.
  • Measure the distance yourself using a very simple 5 steps method using a mirror and a ruler as explained below.
  • Use an average PD measurement which is about 62mm for women and 64mm for men. This will not be a problem for most people who either are the average or have weak prescriptions (-2 to +2 spheres).
  • Send us an old pair of your glasses and we will match the centres to these. We will return the glasses with your new pair. Please include a note with your name, telephone number and your reference number that will be provided on the completion of your purchase.


5 Simple Steps on measuring PD using a mirror:

Step 1:

Stand around 8inches (20 cm) way from a mirror

Step 2:

With your face aligned with the mirror hold a ruler against your brow

step 2

 Step 3:

Close your right eye and align the 0 marking of the ruler at the centre of your left pupil.

Step 3

Step 4:

Without moving the ruler close your left eye and open you right eye.

step 4

Step 5:

Write down the measurement in mm which aligns at the centre of your right pupil. This measurement is your PD. Measure your PD 3-4 times for an accurate reading. Adult range is approximately 52mm – 75mm.

step 5