Sunglasses; Rain Hail or Shine

By specadm October 5 th, 2015

As the winter chill settles in, don’t forget the risk, even when skies are grey, that intense ultraviolet rays can present to eyes. Just because winter days bring with them a change of wardrobe and fewer daylight hours, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear your sunglasses year-round for protection, and look good wearing them! Did you know that overexposure of your eyes to the sun’s powerful UV rays can damage the sensitive tissues of your eyes, just like regular sunburn? So, while you may be tempted to leave your sunglasses behind this winter, think again! Sunglasses are essential in protecting your eyes from UV rays, which can hit your eyes from reflective surfaces such as glare water, rain or snow. This reflection can increase your risk of eye disorders and other complications. Are you a regular skier, fisherman or spend a lot of time in the car? You may want to invest in polarised lenses to help diffuse the impact of dangerous glare. If you are looking for a perfect pair of winter shades, look out for lighter lens colours, and a frame which sits closer to your face to help shield your eyes from the low-lying sun. Take precautions this winter, and preserve your eyes so that you can enjoy the sights of the warm seasons to come!