Technology and your eyes

By specadm October 7 th, 2015

In today’s world, people spend hours a day on laptops, e-readers, smartphones and tablets. So how is all this new technology affecting your eye health? Eye and vision problems related to prolonged periods in front of a screen can result in Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which affects both children and adults. CVS can lead to tension headaches, dry eyes and eye strain. The main cause of the development of CVS is from focusing on a single target in a fixed spot and not looking away. Eventually, your eye muscles get tired. In most cases, it’s not possible to minimise the amount of time spent in front of the screen. We have therefore included some tips to reduce the risks of CVS: Increase the number of times you blink while focusing on a screen. When looking at a computer screen or smart phone we typically decrease our blinking which can lead to dry eyes. Place any printed copy as close to a monitor as possible. Glancing back and forth between printed copy and your screen or tablet can cause eye strain. Clean your screen. Build up on your screen can cause further strain on your eyes. Ensure you sit up straight. Relaxed positions can restrict blood circulation to your eyes, resulting in weakened vision. Reduce the brightness of your screen so it is as close to your environment as possible. Also, adjust the position of your screen. If your monitor is too high, you need to open your eyes wider to look up and view it. If you are a glasses wearer, an antireflective coating is highly recommended to reduce the light reflecting off the screen. Stay fit and reduce your stress levels by getting fresh air and exercising through the day. Every 20 minutes looking at a screen, take a quick break!